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Speedy Hot Water are your Brisbane and Gold Coast Saxon Hot Water Specialists

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We provide 24 /7 Hot Water system repairs, installations and servicing for all Saxon hot water systems. Our areas of service cover from the north of Brisbane right down to the southern tip of the Gold Coast and into Tweed Heads.

Our rates are affordable and wherever possible we will provide a price estimation on the phone.

Our technicians are highly trained in all aspects of Saxon hot water repairs and installation.

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    Saxon Hot Water Information

    Saxon (Sachs Industries) was an Australian owned Hot Water System company that ceased operating after going into liquidation in 2011. Whilst their products are no longer available brand new there are still alot of Saxon systems throughout South East Queensland and as such there’s still a demand for repairs, servicing and parts.

    Speedy Hot Water Services can source Saxon parts and make all repairs and services where necessary.

    Saxon’s most popular model was the Copperflow Series. These hot water systems are unique in that water is stored in a copper tank with a heat exchange coil and this water is heated by an electric element. When cold water passes through the heat exchange it is heated by the hot water in the copper tank and then the hot water is delivered into your home. Traditional units from other brands generally heat all of the water in a large tank.

    Speedy Hot Water provide sales, installation, servicing and repairs to all models of Saxon Hot Water Systems to our customers throughout Brisbane, Gold Coast and Tweed Heads.

    Please contact us for your Saxon Hot Water System enquiries.