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Below is a list of some of the more commonly asked questions related to hot water systems.

We pride ourselves as a same day business. We repair and replace hot water systems 7 days a week. We have a stock of the most common hot water systems and a multitude of even the most sort after parts on each service truck, so we can fix the problem there and then.

Speedy Hot Water is your local South East Queensland family owned business, your money gets re-invested locally unlike companies who are Australian wide or like Rheem who is now Japanese owned, we also stand out with our

  • Uniqueness:
    each tradesperson is multi-skilled in electrical, plumbing and some have extra trades like gas fitting and air conditioning skills. If you called just a plumber they may have only limited hot water knowledge and generally have to arrange a sparky or gas fitter to perform the repair, costing you extra time and money
  • Competitiveness:
    We pride ourselves on our high quality at a fair prices
  • Experience:
    Every Speedy Hot water tradesman has over 25yr experience
  • Convenience: (in regards to replacing your hot water service)
    We have a stock of the most common hot water systems on each vehicle ready for you to choose, we also have a delivery net work ready for even the hardest to find hot water systems
  • Convenience: (in regards to repairing your hot water service)
    We carry a multitude of parts on each Service Truck so most of the time we fix the problem straight away, we also have a delivery net work ready for even the hardest to find hot water parts
  • Knowledge:
    Speedy Hot Water is up to date and on the forefront with the latest innovations and regulations in the specialised hot water industry
  • Turn the power or gas off to the system
  • Shut the water off most common tap is bottom left of the system it a black knob and thats your water shut off tap for the system
  • Call Speedy now to get more advice on turning your unique hot water system off

Yes, we dump your old hot water system for FREE in most cases

Yes, as hot water repairs and replacement is classes as an emergency service we are waiting for your call

Each house is unique but in most cases yes it will. It widely known that solar heat pumps save you a heap of money, ask us about the NEWEST model thats Australian owned and designed in The University of Melbourne for Australian conditions. They amazingly use 70% less energy and in most cases only cost a minimal $1,000 more to install. Going solar is now a no brainer even for rental properties and good tenants take not of energy efficient homes.

Yes, we do competitive phone quotes

We also urge customers to be wary of hot water service providers that refuse to give an estimate price over the phone (we call them sharks) most of the time they charge a $1,000 more and take longer to fix your hot water service fix, we also find they give you less options, We are happy to give you a price over the phone subject to a site inspection.

No. It’s dangerous as electricity and water do not mix and gas can leak (and explode). It’s also illegal and you may not be covered by your insurance if something happens to your property as a result of a poorly installed hot water system.

The fan means you have a heat pump hot water system, most people notice the fan only when it becomes noisey, we recommend call us for a service as noise means friction that can burn you system out

We are known to install all types of Hot Water System. Call us for a quote.

Yes, call us for a quote and find out the benefit, most of the time its better to fit a Heat Pump Hot water System

Yes, we have 24 hour phone service and install hot water Systems throughout the week.

We have mobile payment devices on each service truck and accept bank transfer. We also have finance that needs to be pre-arranged.

Yes, if its an emergency and you can’t get a hold of anyone, legally a tenant can spend 2 weeks worth of rent on an emergency service and you must be reimbursed within 7 days (see link for your rights )

Yes, in most cases but some who are on night rate etc may have to wait till the next morning as power to heat your water heater is only available at night.

On most hot water systems its recommend 5yr servicing, this is a very important service for 2 reasons

  • to keep your water heater running efficiently saving you money
  • stop your system for over pressure and bursting

A tempering valve is safety device that must be fitted to your water heater to stop scalding, it reduces your temperature down to 50 degrees

The average system last from 6yrs to 15yrs. The water board recommends 10yr tank replacements due to slug and calcium deposits. That’s not bad when you compare it to your jug.

Each system is different call us. Generally if you are away for more than 2 weeks turn the electricity or gas and water off to the hot water system.

Its a sacrificial anode the protects the system from leaking, we only condone replacing the anode in super special circumstances like hard water, 90% of system with anode never need to be replaced as the anode was designed to last the distance, yes they can prolong the life of the system noting you are running on the rusty metal using any extended time and removing the anode even for inspection can damage the enamel coating leaving a exposed rust spot because most systems are enamelled with the anode in.